Clic-iT Adventure


Clic-it Adventure enables a full scope of mobility allowing everyone to experience their aerial adventure freely.

Whether encountering forks or intersections, ziplines, jumps, climbing walls or balance challenges, it will be a hassle-free passage.  Overtaking, going first, last or maybe in the middle, is not a problem. This freedom prevents queuing, increases throughput and allows everyone to enjoy their aerial adventure at their own pace without feeling rushed or slowed down.


Clic-iT Adventure is the simplest solution on the market, both for park management and the user. It can be used immediately on your existing routes and enables a very quick evacuation (in case of thunder..).

Our unique design provides easy, one-handed handling, making the adventure even more enjoyable for children (6 years old and up) as well as adults. Using Clic-iT Adventure to actively secure oneself, results in taking personal responsibility and keeps the adventurous spirit of climbing alive, while preventing the risk of completely unhooking.

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