FlightLine Free Fall

FlightLine Free Fall Device

Perfect for a truly exhilarating free-fall experience! Our advanced magnetic braking system creates a smooth catch, while the extended free-fall sensation will leave you feeling like never before. Enjoy the rush!


  • Designed for high throughput, FlightLine features an exhilarating, true free fall with a soft catch and eddy current magnetic braking for smooth and consistent braking, as well as a staged universal braking system for a variety of users weights.
  • With FlightLine, you’ll get up to 11m (36 ft) of free fall, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the exhilarating sensation of flight.
  • The quick retracting mechanism, this attraction can handle a high volume of guests, making it a great choice for busy parks.
  • The patented magnetic eddy current braking system is extremely reliable, without having to worry about safety and creates a soft catch that will help keep you safe as you zip along. The dual braking system engages in two stages, so the catch is smooth and gentle.
  • The optional “jump-over” configuration allows you to jump from a platform with the device mounted beneath you, which increases the free fall distance and ups the thrill factor. Two ripcord lengths allow additional customization of the FlightLine Free Fall experience.
  • With the eddy current braking system, you don’t have to worry about replacing parts often.
  • This modular device is easy to install and operate and only requires a platform or tower at least 18.5m (60 ft) tall.