Experience safe, adrenaline-filled and carefree adventure!

Play Safe in Adventure

Saferoller is the world’s first rolling continuous belay system. As soon as the Saferoller Trolley (PPE) is attached to the wire rope, you are safely and continuously secured from end-to-end. No other security measures are required. If necessary, park operators can quickly remove the Saferoller Trolley (PPE) from the safety line. Saferoller is easily adapted for persons with reduced mobility or other disabilities. Perfect for team building.

Low Operating Costs

Low maintenance and replaceable parts make this an industry leading system. Briefing takes only 60 seconds. Minimal supervision and fewer staff required. Reduce annual operating costs 30%-50%.

Professional design and construction increases user throughput rates and reduces staffing requirements. Enhance user experience by optimizing positioning of start and end platforms, turns, ascents and descents. Fewer connections required for easy installation. No extra costs through integrated cable protection.