QuickFlight Free Fall Device

The QuickFlight gives riders the feeling of a free fall, while safely controlling their descent.

QuickFlight Free Fall System

The QuickFlight Free Fall Device provides an exciting free fall experience with high throughput and low operational costs for ropes courses, zip line towers, family entertainment centers, and more. You can choose your device based on your mounting height options and RipCord configuration to increase the free fall distance.


  • True free fall: This unit has a magnetic braking technology that enables QuickFlight to give the sensation of an unrestricted “true free fall.” Allowing for jumps up to 13 ft (4m) this system combines the true free fall feeling with a high GPA (ground proximity awareness) factor. This results in a complete free fall experience unlike anything in the industry.
  • Dual line system. With a built-in Overload Protection Assemblies (OPAs) included in this system you not only maximize rider comfort but you give the operator peace of mind.
  • Operational Compatibility. For indoor applications or outdoor. Can be operated with a low mounting up to 75 ft (23 m). A wide range of weights 44-286 lbs (20-130 kg) and mounting options allow for a custom free fall experience that can meet the needs of the height of your structures.
  • Eddy Current (magnetic braking technology). This magnet design allows for the compact design. Easy to install, carry, and service, the QuickFlight unit is perfect for a top anchor on an existing tower or platform. Eddy current, allows for a free fall experience while also providing a soft catch and smooth descent, cycle after cycle.
  • High Throughput: The QuickFlight retracts quickly and safely, allowing for more throughput than other free fall devices. This translates to you saving time and enjoy watching your customers having the time of their life!