Hi Rope

Hi Rope

Say goodbye to different lanyard lengths for different customer sizes!

With the ergonomic, unique ”HiRope”, the lanyard length between the harness and mobile connecting device can be quickly adjusted. In addition to the adjustment of the lanyard, it is now possible to permanently lock the length of the lanyard.

“HiRope” is the cost effective solution designed specifically for use in ropes courses or zip line parks. “HiRope” works like a shock absorber.

New Features:

  • Permanent locking of lanyard length
  • Adjustability improved
  • Lanyard length adjustable with one hand by customer or staff member
  • One lanyard fits all costumer sizes: from 4 years and up
  • Easy to operate
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Easy maintenance as lanyard can be replaced by operator
  • Compatible with Saferoller® and Speedrunner® continuous belay and other systems
  • For use with “Carebiner“ or Rapid Link (Pear shaped) Ø 10mm